TL;DR: Always check issue trackers for projects that you’re potentially going to implement. Who knows what you’ll find.

So like I’ve been saying, I’ve been playing with Kubernetes and have deployed it to my homelab. Maybe I’ll document that whole homelab setup one day. Anyway, in the meantime, the question is, ‘Hey, maybe I should go whole hog? Write my code and deploy to Kubernetes as well; that definitely won’t be overcomplicating things! 😅’. So off I go and install Minikube, which was surprisingly seamless. Great job to the people behind that!. Then I’m doing research on projects that make the development experience seamless, things like; I write my code and hit save, then automagically it’s running in that local minikube cluster. A few names start reoccurring, in no particular order…

Being lazy and not exactly an expert, Draft seemed like a decent place to start as it kept coming up in articles as being the simplest choice, and easiest to get going. I have a look around the on the repo, seems alright. Cool cool, off I go to deploy. Hm, what’s the latest release. v0.16.0, hm, seems low but zero is the new black, after all. Let’s go check the date on that release. michelleN released this on 27 Aug 2018, oh, oh no. At time of writing, that’s roughly a year and a half old. I start digging into the issues.

This project is no longer being actively developed or maintained?

Man grimacing

This is promising.

That issue was raised on 27th December, 2019; ~5 months ago. About two weeks ago, a member of the team closed the issue and updated that the project was on basically dead due to resources being allocated elsewhere. Mmhmm. As one commenter on the thread put it:

A little ‘unmaintained’ note in the readme would’ve saved me the last hour and a half trying this out. FFS.

Thankfully it was only a few minutes of my time.