You’d be forgiven for thinking I’m dead. It’s been a year. I’m still kicking, though. I even had several drafts that were sitting around at the end of last year, but I lost interest and let them go quietly into the night when I formatted a device.

So what’s been happening?

  • I changed roles, which has only been good for me. If there was something greater to be learned from the my time at the previous role, I’d say that if the fundamentals feel off for more than 3-6 months, start looking. I was considering it long before following through and it wasn’t doing me any good. Several people followed me not long after; I won’t speak for them, but I suspect they were in all the same boat.
  • I haven’t been smoking meats or brewing so much. I think it’s mainly the lack of space, leading to the next point…
  • I’m vaguely looking at buying property, somewhere rural or semi-rural. My partner and I have relatives living in the South-West of WA and honestly, it’s a beautiful environment to be in. We both work remotely, so semi-decent internet is our driving concern. Unfortunately it’s a pretty unoriginal idea, so finding a property at a reasonable price is another matter.
  • I’ve been bouldering/rock-climbing for about a year and a half now, with a few breaks for Covid-19 lockdowns. It’s a great sport, I love the community feel while still being a relatively individual endeavour. The exercise has been good for me too 😅.

I’m going to leave it there for now, but I intend to revive this a bit. We’ll see.

Don’t hold your breath.