A holiday, but not exactly the no-work kind. I recently had a working holiday in Australia’s South-West region, staying in the coastal town of Dunsborough and then a few days a bit further inland, near a town called Nannup. They’re both pretty peaceful places, and I find them immensely rejuvenating. As my partner and I are able to work 100% remotely, it was just the matter of packing up the dog and off we went. Sensibly, we booked the Monday and Friday off as annual leave for a double long weekend 😎. Definitely feeling lucky to be alive and in the position that I am now.

So aside from work, what’s been going on? Well, I’ve been fairly busy with some personal projects, one in particular helping out the father-in-law1 with an integration to FileMaker(FM). He’s a smart guy and FileMaker is a low-code solution that lets him prototype and get the 80% achieved very quickly, but there are some rough edges. In this case, he’s calling out to an API to send SMS and wants to get replies back into the database, but FM doesn’t readily provide a callback target.

In a couple of hours2 I had put together a little Golang program that effectively acts as a proxy, receiving the callbacks from the SMS API and writing them into the FM database. This is something I’ll probably open-source once I’m ready. I then spent the next two to three days going way overboard, refreshing myself on GoReleaser, learning Drone CI/CD and stitching it all together on my self-hosted Gitea instance. So now I can tag a release and it automatically does-the-needful™️. I’m planning on dedicating a post to how that all works, with an accompanying example repo.

Time for brunch now though, till next time!

  1. Not married, but close enough. ↩︎

  2. I was a little rusty! And I had to learn the FM API. 😬 ↩︎