In my lifelong tradition of taking on new things before finishing anything, I’ve decided to take on the DigitalOcean Kubernetes Challenge. It should be useful for practicing my Terraform and Kubernetes-fu while also learning about the DigitalOcean platform. Specifically, I’m going to execute the Falco related challenge.

Deploy a security and compliance system

When you deploy an image you may also deploy a security threat, and images can become quickly insecure as new threats are discovered and disclosed. To continuously monitor and detect threats, you can deploy a tool like Falco.

I’ll be making a separate post on my process and experience, which I’ll link to from here once complete. Update: here it is!

As a general comment, I’ve been really happy to see DO go from strength to strength. Competition in the marketplace is always1 a good thing, and I think they were early arrivals in a now increasingly crowded group of low/lower-complexity alternatives to AWS.

If you’re interested in particpating too, use my referral code for an extra $100 credit. Not too shabby!

  1. I’m not an economist. 😅 ↩︎