I’m going to try make a bit of a regular feature, covering the media I heard, read or watched during the week. This first release will be a bit longer as there’s a few things I’ve recently wrapped up and wanted to cover.



Ender’s Game / Speaker for the Dead

Somehow I hadn’t touched this series before, while catching parts of the movie. I quite enjoyed them both, with a slight preference for Ender's Game. I think the tighter focus and scope made it overall a more coherent narrative. Hard to follow up, certainly.

Normal People

I churned through this one pretty quickly, it’s easy reading though somewhat painful. Consider it a masterclass in how to fail at communication and hurt the people you care most about. I guess I found it engaging because like a train wreck in slow-motion, I couldn’t quite look away.

Atomic Habits

Like most self-improvement books, it’s generally things you already inherently know but either haven’t thought about or haven’t built a framework around to actually implement. This book provides the latter with some explanation around why it should work. As usual, ain’t nothing to it but to do it.



Ship It #11: Honeycomb’s secret to high-performing teams

Charity Majors seems to strike the right balance of take-no-prisoners confidence while welcoming alternative opinions. Bring them if you’ve got them, but I know what I’m talking about so you better have a good argument, that kind of jazz. Anyway, if you have any interest in monitoring or observability I think she’s someone you should listen to.

ABC Conversations

Both interesting and worth listening to, for quite different reasons. The former I found interesting as someone who has experienced burnout in the past, the latter because Caroline de Costa just got up to so much! I learned a few things too.

Did you know that rabbits were used in human pregnancy tests? I didn’t!


Bill Laurance

The first track I heard was The Good Things and I think I proceeded to listen to about three albums immediately thereafter. The transition at around 4:25 on that track is a killer. Jazzy, interesting, funky, exciting, background/focus/study music? Some of those words don’t work together but this music sure does for me.



Olympic Sport Climbing

Bouldering about three times a week with a bit of lead climbing makes up the bulk of the exercise I get, and I love it. I’ve never really been a sporting person though I’ve gone through phases of weight-lifting, but rock climbing works really well for me. The physical and the mental/problem-solving challenge is just 👌.

Anyway, watching some of the best climbers in the world do their thing? Heck yes.



It’s a smarter, better Superbad, basically. Shout out to this Superbad scene though, while the rest of it has probably aged poorly this still gets chuckles from me. 🤷‍♂️

That’s a wrap, it was worthwhile. 😅