• Queen’s Gambit S1E2-3
    • It’s quite entertaining. I had thought it was based in some way on a real person but apparently not.



  • Expectations vs Agreements
    • About 30 minutes on the value of coming to agreements with people rather than dictating expectations.
    • I need this by Friday, get it done. vs I need this by Friday, do you have the resources to make that happen?.
    • Opening a dialogue, or more broadly, communication is key.
    • Empowering people and giving them a sense of control is key.
    • This applies to every relationship in your life, not just those in the workplace.
  • The Tale of Tiffany
    • Origins of the name Tiffany.
  • System Shock 2 Review
    • I enjoy MandaloreGaming’s deep dive reviews. I particularly enjoyed discovering the overlaps between SS2 and the Thief series.
  • Here’s what doesn’t work, in the workplace. Expectations. People do not look forward to living up to expectations. In fact, people rebel against expectations. They don’t like it that you expect things of them. They would rather you agree with them about something.
  • Human beings will love to keep an agreement that they coauthored with you.