Generating some of this content manually is a little tedious. Pocket, Spotify and Trakt all have APIs so I’ll probably put in some automation. Goodreads had an API then dropped it? Nice move 😱 Anyway expect a post on whatever I setup.

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So the Two-And-Done rule was born, wherein I will state my case the first time, and if whoever is arguing to the contrary does not agree after hearing my position, I’ll let it go. But the next time the opportunity comes up, I will argue my point again. Maybe allowing for a gap of time for people to consider my original point, or maybe allowing me time to refine and rephrase my ideas to be more convincing.

If I fail to get my way after the second time though, I am done. I will even say as much to whomever I am debating if they are the final decision-maker. I will say something like, “OK, let’s go your way then. I still don’t completely agree with everything proposed here, but I think I’ve made my case, and we need to move on.”

You cannot become an expert on every element you interact with. A day in my job can be managing Postgres operations, writing a PR against an application, or sitting in a planning session helping to design a new application. The scope of what many businesses call “DevOps” is too vast to be a deep-dive expert in all parts of it.

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  • Queen’s Gambit S1E4-7
    • Yeah I quite enjoyed this one overall. Well produced and acted. I should try the book and see how I think it compares.

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  • A Quiet Place Part II
    • I remember enjoying part one though not specifically why. Maybe characters weren’t making obviously awful decisions? I didn’t enjoy this movie.