Long time no see! What’s new, you ask?

Well, a few things;

  • Bought and moved into a house with my partner,
  • Built gadgets to improve life in said house,
  • Finally built the RigidBot Big 3D printer that has been sitting unassembled at my parents house for some 6-7 years, 😬
  • Started a new job.

On a completely unrelated note and in no particular order, I’ve started learning a lot about;

  • house maintenance and renovation,
  • micro-controllers and electronics in general,
  • 3D printer construction/assembly, upgrading and troubleshooting, 😓
  • Google Cloud Platform.

To say it has been busy is somewhat of an understatement. Everything has a steep learning curve, which is tiring but rewarding. The awkward part is knowing that I have still barely scratched the surface.

Time and persistence will pay off, but hard slog is still there.

I’m planning to write up some of the projects as blog posts, so keep an eye out for those sometime this year. 😅