Long time no see! What’s new, you ask?

Feels funny posting more than a year after my last post, starting with the same sentence. 😅

It is what it is though. I’ve been thinking about blogging but just haven’t made the time. So very belatedly, here’s the latest.

  • The new job is no longer new. I’m primarily working with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and GitLab.
  • The new house is no longer new. I’m so happy to be able to live where I do!
  • I have picked up two professional certifications in 2023 so far, the GCP Cloud Digital Leader and Cloud Architect.
  • So much learning about 3D printers, printing and CAD. I now own four printers. D:
  • I had an international holiday. It was a bit of a disaster, quite literally. I ended up stuck in a hotel while a tropical cyclone passed.
  • I went to like, 5 weddings. Love is in the air!

I’m still learning new things about just about everything, all the time. My life feels very busy and yet when I look back at the days, weeks and months past, less has been achieved than I hoped. I wonder how people with kids get anything done, haha! My sleep is bad enough already. D: